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Port Angeles tours start May 24th, 2019!

Welcome to the Wild West of whale watching in Washington.

Port Angeles is a premier whale watching destination located just outside the popular Olympic National Park. In recent years, the surrounding waters have become one of the leading destinations for viewing humpback whales in North America. Orcas are often seen feeding in the area as well.

Which Tour Should I Choose?

We can confidently say that there isn't a tour time that's better for whale sightings than the other. There are subtle differences between both tours, making them both world-class.

We recommend choosing the departure time that works best in your schedule as both tours have the same whale sighting success rate. The benefits of morning versus afternoon come into play on the human side! Morning tours are great because you're first out on the water and have the rest of the afternoon to do as you please. The afternoon tour is great because you don't have to get up early, and you end your day with whales and some pretty incredible lighting for photographs.

All tours are great, so choose the one that works in your schedule best!



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Port Angeles Whale Sightings

Our interactive map showcases all of our 2018 whale sightings.  Island Adventures saw whales on 172 of 175 tours out of Port Angeles in 2018!  Each pin represents a whale sighting:

  • Green: Humpback Whale
  • Pink: Southern Resident Killer Whale
  • Red: Bigg's Killer Whale
  • Yellow: Minke Whale 

It was the year of the humpback from Port Angeles in 2018!  There has been a resurgence of humpback whales in the waters off of Port Angeles, with groups of 80+ whales hanging out in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Port Angeles tours also often see Bigg's killer whales and minke whales!

What Vessel Will I Be On?

What's the Weather like? How to Prepare

Port Angeles sees considerably less rain than other areas in Western WA.  In the summer months, the temperature averages between 60 and 80 degrees fahrenheit.  Even though the weather can feel warm on land, we always recommend bringing layers – sweatshirts and jackets – as it feels 10-20 degrees cooler on the water.  Rain doesn't have a negative impact on our tours as our excursion vessels are set up to go out in the elements and have lots of indoor space and cover.

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Continue Your Marine Education in Port Angeles

Port Angeles offers some of the Northwest's best wildlife, and there outlets to learn more about the area's diverse population.  Swing by the Feiro Marine Life Center to learn about nearly everything living underwater, all collected within 20 miles of Port Angeles from the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  Pop into the NOAA Olympic Coast Discovery Center for information about where to experience shore-based wildlife viewing after your tour!