The weather's cooling off but whale watching is still hot! October whale watch tours available! 

See up to 5 Types of Whales from 4 Departure Locations!

Everett gray whale tours begin March 2nd, 2019!

Everett Tour Information and Times

3 Hour Guaranteed Whale Watching Tours

10:00 AM Departure

Our 10:00 AM departure from Everett is one of our most popular tours.  This departure time allows us to maximize time with whales and still be back early enough for a late lunch/early dinner on the Everett waterfront before heading on to your next adventure. 

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2:00 PM Departure

The 2:00 PM departure from Everett is most popular with our staff, locals, and professional photographers.  There's an advantage to the afternoon tour as we already know either where the whales are or where they're not.  Also, the lighting in the evenings softens, making it absolutely incredible for photographs!

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6:00 PM Departure

End your day with whales and a sunset!  If you're planning on spending the day in the Seattle area, this evening tour will seamlessly fit into your schedule.  Join us for an evening of beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife, and guaranteed whales!

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Which tour should I choose?

Often times, deciding on a departure time can be one of the hardest parts of the reservation process. We can confidently say that there isn't a tour time that's better than the other. If we knew of a trip that saw more whales over the other, we wouldn't run the bad trip!

We recommend choosing the departure time that works best in your schedule. Whales aren't on a rigid schedule, so both tours have the same whale sighting success rate. The benefits of morning versus afternoon come into play on the human side. Morning tours are great because you're first out on the water and have the rest of the afternoon to do as you please. The afternoon tour is great because you don't have to get up early, and you end your day with whales and some pretty incredible lighting for photographs.

Both tours are great, so choose the one that works in your schedule best!



$30 for 30

Big savings for booking in advance!

Adults save $20 when you book 30+ days in advance and an additional $10 with military ID, AAA, AARP, seniors 65+, or college student ID. This deal cannot be combined with promotion codes or other discounts and is valid on whale watching tours only.  

Save $20 for booking 30+ days in advance + Save $10 with adult discount = $30 Savings

Everett Tour Range

When whales are in the center of the map, most companies do see them – we just get more time.  When the whales are up north or out west, the Island Explorer fleet are often the only American boats watching whales

Because of our vessel speed, size, and duration of our tour, we're able to guarantee whales.  Often times, whales can move up to 100 miles in a 24 hour period.  Every day is a new adventure, but rest assured that you're choosing the company with the highest whale sighting success rate in the area.

Whales have been spotted on 6,431 of 6,630 tours since 2002.   No other company compares.

What vessel will I be on?

What's the Weather like? How to Prepare

Springtime in Everett can bring some great weather.  On average, the temperature on land can be between 50 and 70 degrees and precipitation tends to be low.  Even though the weather can feel warm on land, we always recommend bringing layers – sweatshirts and jackets – as it feels 10-20 degrees cooler on the water.  Rain doesn't have a negative impact on our tours as our excursion vessels are set up to go out in the elements and have lots of indoor space and cover.

Online Reservations

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Whale Report

See what we've seen on the water. There's a detailed account from every tour since 2002!

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