See up to 5 Types of Whales from 3 Departure Locations!

There’s nothing like the wildlife in the Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest is home to a vast array of wildlife. The diverse ecosystems range from the mountain ranges to the numerous island and waterways to the open ocean. The Pacific Northwest is home to bears, elk, mountain lions, eagles, salmon, giant Pacific octopus, whales and many more! The highlight for most visitors are the resident and transient orcas, humpback whales, minke whales, and gray whales. This is also a birdwatcher's paradise with so many unique seabirds to add to their life list.

Common Wildlife

Each day and every experience is completely unique and unpredictable! The beauty of these waters is that no two tours are the same, and we’re seeing different wildlife each and every tour. Check out below to see the common types of wildlife that can be spotted on the tour, and be sure to see what we’ve seen on the water by checking out our whale report!


Learn more about the area’s wildlife and scenery.

The waters surrounding our three departure locations offer some of the most diverse whale and wildlife viewing on the west coast. Onboard each of our tours, an experienced naturalist helps identify all of the whales, wildlife, and rich history that this area holds

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