See up to 5 Types of Whales from 3 Departure Locations!

Relive your tour with photos from the day.

At the end of each whale watch, guests can purchase a thumb drive full of great photos from their tour. Our crew shoots professional grade equipment and knows how to get great shots of whales, wildlife and incredible scenery.

Let us do the work.

Our crew will organize photos from your tour on a memory stick that will be easy for you to use when you get home. These memory sticks will be created by the end of each trip and available for purchase before you disembark. Don’t worry, there’s no pressure to buy! This is simply another great service provided to you by Island Adventures.

Common Photography Questions

How many photos do I get?

The exact number of photos and videos varies from one tour to the next, but our photographers are skilled at capturing all the highlights of the day. The crew will give a review of the contents before you make your purchase. This is a great value.

How can these images be used?

There are no watermarks, but the intention of this program is for our guests to have photos for their own personal use. Images cannot be sold or reproduced in any way without permission from Island Adventures. Thank you.

After the Tour

If you choose to purchase images at a later date, we do maintain a photo archive of past tours. Simply call or email and we can create a new memory stick from the date of your trip. Memory sticks created and sent to guests after the tour will be $39.99 (shipping and handling included).

Online Reservations

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Online Reservations

Whale Report

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