The weather's cooling off but whale watching is still hot! October whale watch tours available! 

See up to 5 Types of Whales from 4 Departure Locations!

Your questions answered.

There are 3 things we cannot control: weather, whales, and our guests expectations. We hope with these few frequently asked questions we can help you to be prepared for your trip as best as possible!

Will I see whales? 

We guarantee it on every tour or you’ll ride for free, for life, until you do!  In fact, we're the only company in the area that offers both a Three Day Orca Guarantee and a Money Back Orca Guarantee.

Will I get cold? 

We encourage dressing in layers. The air temperature is often 10-20 degrees cooler on the water. The Island Explorer has a large heated salon and wind-screened upper deck but the warmer you are, the more outside viewing you’ll be able to do.

Will I get seasick? 

Very few people get seasick on our tours. Our vessels are very stable—large enough to push through occasional wind-chop easily. We do not see ocean type swells as we are 90 miles from the open ocean and the water is calm on the vast majority of days. If a person is very prone to motion sickness we suggest taking a non-drowsy Dramamine or Bonine the night before and the morning of the tour. You may also give us a call the day before to check on sea-state forecasts.

How do I get to you? 

No matter where you will be traveling from on the day of your tour, the easiest way is to rent a car. There is a possibility you could take public transportation or a shuttle (like Bellair Airporter Shuttle), but this can be very time consuming, expensive, and will take a fair bit of planning on your part.

Why should I drive up from Seattle? 

Simple. This is where the whales are. Island Adventures goal is to take our guests out and show them whales, therefore we put our boats in the best possible departure locations to reach that goal.

What if it rains? 

Most days are great weather-wise as the islands are situated in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains. We run our tours in almost all weather conditions, with the exception of a high-wind forecast. The whales definitely do not care if the weather isn’t perfect and their behaviors do not depend on the conditions. If we do encounter a rainy day, the Island Explorer has great coverage and protection from the weather!

Why should I choose Island Adventures? 

We have over 20 years of experience, excellent wildlife viewing vessel, exceptional staff, convenient schedule, reasonable prices, and WE GUARANTEE IT! We carry more guests on a smaller advertising budget than anyone in the business. Word of mouth is key — after one trip with us you’ll join our marketing team — and the Island Adventures Family!

Do you guarantee orca whales? 

Island Adventures is the only company that offers both an orca guarantee and a money-back orca guarantee.  The Three Day Orca Guarantee states that if you do not see an orca whale in three tours, you get to come again for free (for life) until you see an orca whale.  If you select our Five Day Money Back Orca Guarantee and do not see an orca whale, you get to come again for free (for life) until you see one and we'll refund your money in full for all five tours.  We have never paid out on these guarantees! 

Don't small boats get closer? 

It's a common misconception that small boats get closer to whales.  Each vessel – regardless of size – is required to adhere to Federal, State, and County whale viewing guidelines.  Large boats offer more comfort with added amenities (real bathrooms, food/drink, and much, much more).  Large boats are more stable and offer an unparalleled photography platform that small boats simply cannot offer. Size matters, see our vessels.



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