Humpback, Orca & Minke Whale watch tours from Anacortes WA
5 – 6 hour tours, October – November
(Only 90 minutes from Seattle or Vancouver BC)

Humpback underbelly (Photo by Michael Colahan —

(Photo by Michael Colahan —

(Photo by Island Adventures Staff)

(Photo by Island Adventures Staff)

(Photo by Island Adventures Staff)

(Photo by Island Adventures Staff)

(Photo by Bart Rulon —

(Photo by Bart Rulon —

As the summer starts to fade into fall, many whale watching companies call it quits and prepare to hibernate for the winter. Not us! By October our momentum is strong as our crew gets pumped up for the next big round of whale watching.

It would be crazy to call it a season just as the “big guys” were showing up…

By “big guys” we mean Humpback whales, the massive baleen whales that have helped make Maui so famous. The great herd of North Pacific Humpbacks is recovering wonderfully from the horror of the old whaling days. As their numbers grow they are returning to the old haunts here in the Puget Sound Basin. They often reach over 50’ in length and weigh over 30 tons. In other words…big guys. Their pectoral fins are as long as many recreational boats!

This is also the time of year when chances are highest to see all four types of whales on one tour (orca, minke, humpback, and gray)! The resident and/or transient orcas are in the area on most days, minke whales are still feeding on the banks in the strait, and even a few gray whales makes their way back in to the sound on their southerly migration to Baja. Also in the fall, we’re seeing the huge Steller sea lions on a regular basis again (they fall, winter, and spring here from September to May), harbor seals, porpoises, and many types of seabirds now in winter plumage – all make for great photo opportunities!

Don’t worry about the weather this time of year; the Island Explorer 3 is the perfect boat for a northwest fall day on the water with her spacious heated salon, large picture windows throughout the cabin, and many amenities for your comfort.

Our blog is archived back to 2003. Check out our Fall tours from past seasons in October and November to know what to expect this time of year.

FREE Wildlife Viewing Guide

We always suggests to dress warm. Although the Island Explorer 3 is very comfortable, you’ll want to spend lots of time outside. There are hot food and drinks available for sale onboard, free binocular use, and a free wildlife viewing guide on every tour.

Cameras are always suggested. Check out our 2012 photo contest and our Flickr Group. Our guests got some great shots in Everett.

The Island Explorer 3 is the best whale watching boat in the area. She has a huge upper viewing deck, large heated cabin and a state of the art sound system that will enhance your whale watching experience. There is over 400 feet of rail viewing space, so everyone gets a front row view of the whales!

No Ferry Hassles

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11:00 am Departures
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$89 Adults
$79 Discounts—seniors over 65, military, groups of 10+, AAA, students with ID.
$49 Children ages 3–12
FREE Children under 3
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