Guaranteed Sightings!
Our industry-leading past and present whale sighting success rate is over 96%

At Island Adventures we are serious about finding whales. This is a challenge every day because the whales never stop moving! The orcas can cover over 100 miles in a 24 hour period so we use many different resources (cooperatively working together) to help in the search every morning. Our spotting network is made up of strategically placed land-based spotters using telescopes, many other whale watch vessels, researchers, dive boats, early morning fishermen, water taxis, tug boats, and ferry boats.

We are so confident in our ability to find whales that we GUARANTEE IT!

If you do not see a whale (orca, minke, gray, or humpback) with us you will come again for FREE, for life, until you do. This is not a gimmick — it is a passion to show our guests whales and to provide the opportunity for an experience of a lifetime. Island Adventures is one of the few companies to even offer a guarantee. Our high success rate is due to our location, vessel speed, and local experience (over 19 yrs!)

Our crew and staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the San Juans and has been showing people the whales for over 19 years. We have also been collecting movement data on the travel patterns of the southern resident community for the past 13 years. Having this extensive knowledge of travel routes and patterns gives us an edge on locating the animals on a daily basis. Orca whales are seen on most of our tours, though we could also see Gray whales in the spring, Minke whales in the summer, and Humpback whales in the fall. Occasionally we see all four species on one tour. We call this a GRAND SLAM! To see our sightings record for yourself, be sure to check out our Whale Report!

Since 2002, Island Adventures’ sighting success rate has been over 96%. Notice that this number is not 100%. The only company with a higher sighting success rate would be SeaWorld (they have them penned up); we’re happy being number 2! There are days when whales are not sighted. We won’t compromise safety or quality of trip in order to satisfy our guarantee. Even though whales may not be seen on 3½% of the days, these trips are still some of the best trips of the year with extensive wildlife sightings, great island scenery, and a free trip in the future!

This is Not a Money Back Guarantee

We have been guaranteeing whale sightings since the year 2000 and have never given money back due to no whales sighted on a tour. If you have traveled from around the world or live right here in Anacortes, Island Adventures wants to show you whales. Giving your money back would not accomplish this goal. If you happen to pick a very rare day that we do not see whales, your entire party can come again until you do. Remember we do see whales on 96% of our tours.

We guarantee whale sightings!

We saw whales on:

  • 193 of 198 tours in 2002!
  • 221 of 230 tours in 2003!
  • 205 of 210 tours in 2004!
  • 269 of 274 tours in 2005!
  • 479 of 505 tours in 2006!
  • 244 of 256 tours in 2007!
  • 258 of 264 tours in 2008!
  • 239 of 248 tours in 2009!
  • 222 of 233 tours in 2010!
  • 262 of 266 tours in 2011!
  • 212 of 225 tours in 2012!
  • 260 of 266 tours in 2013!
  • 363 of 375 tours in 2014!

Our 96% success rate speaks for itself. See how 2015 is shaping up in The Whale Report.

Our route each day is determined by the morning’s whale information from our sighting network, other wildlife in the area, and the weather. It’s not determined by a ferry schedule or pre-determined route. Our goal is to show our guests as much wildlife as possible every day. View larger map.

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